How can I pick up a girl at street or mall? 2020 year tips

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When it comes to approaching a girl on the street, it is essential that you arrive in the best mental conditions possible. Otherwise you risk missing your approach, when you had the potential to succeed.

A very simple (but effective) method, if you find yourself having negative emotions and thoughts right before you start, it’s:

Realizing that your subconscious is trying to keep you from facing the risk of rejection, but that in reality it absolutely cannot guess how the girl will react. It just seeks to dissuade you from taking that risk – yet necessary for meeting women.

Take several slow, deep breaths: these will help you dissipate your nervousness and regain your composure.

The most using tips to pick up a girl at street or mall?

Then imagine that this girl is nice and that she will find you charming and appreciate that you approach her.

Will it change his reaction? Not necessarily.

Whether you arrive with the right attitude or the wrong attitude, a bad girl is a bad girl..

But all of that will improve the quality of your approach, which can influence the reaction of the girl you approach.

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In short: if by going to a girl you manage your emotions and pre-approach thoughts better, you will put yourself in better mental moods to successfully approach well on the street. Your entire non-verbal language will be better and it will make a BIG difference in the results you get!

How can I pick up a girl at street or mall? Working tips for men

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Make up your mind to tackle it quickly

When you spot a girl you like, you have a few seconds to decide to approach her. After this time, you start to find excuses for not going there: too young, too old, too rushed, not quite my type, etc.

This reduces your excitement at the approach, in addition to …

*make you give up a lot of opportunities to approach a girl you meet on the street, or …

*to increase your anxiety.

*But beware: it’s not about tackling in seconds…

If it is difficult to find girls on the street, use chat sites.

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